10 ways to use Instagram to grow your business in Surulere

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We all know how powerful Instagram can be in helping companies to reach and build an audience. Bigger Brands like Coca-Cola, Chivita, Jumia, Nestle are controlling the space, as it is easy for them in getting engagements and results, unlike smaller businesses that are struggling to get noticed. How can you use Instagram to grow your small business in Surulere, Lagos?

Connect your other social networks to your Instagram
It is a great idea to connect your Instagram account to your Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook account especially if you have a strong following on your other social media networks. So when you share a photo(s) on Instagram it will automatically be posted to your other social media business accounts and people can click on the link to see your Instagram post, like your images, comment on them and even follow your brand. At your Instagram profile, ensure to write a bio that will let people know what your business or brand is all about; you can make your bio fascinating as this will most likely make a profile visitor more curious to know more about your business. Also, add your website URL or your YouTube URL if you have any. By default, Instagram only allows for just one URL to be actively linked, however you can type in other links. Use services like Bitly to shorten the URLs you are adding because it will take up lesser character in your bio and will be easier to trail your traffic from Instagram.

Make Posts About What People Want
Your followers or audience are not going to react to your content the same way. Whether your product content is professionally shot or just shot with a mobile phone, it doesn’t matter as long as your audience can relate to your contents and it can deliver an unbeatable value. You have to monitor and understand what works for you. What content gets the attention of your audience? What class of people are usually engaged with your content? Which hashtags performs best for your content? You can determine all this by using the Instagram reporting tools (Insights) which allow you to view all of this details/data from your dashboard and track your progressions. Doing this will help you strategize on a better way to set up or arrange your contents to satisfy your audience; and the style of filter and hashtags that works for you. The more you get to know and understand the contents that will attract a greater engagement with your audience, the more you will be able to improve on your future posts.

Take advantage of Instagram Stories
Instagram stories allow you to combine lots of text posts, photos and video into a story and share with the public. These Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours which is similar to Snapchat stories. You have to figure out how to fix this feature into your strategies. Putting Instagram stories to great use at regular intervals will help your brand get noticed and stuck in the head of your followers/audience. People will be anticipating for your next interesting story and you can use Instagram stories to drive traffic to your website, YouTube, your Instagram post and other social media network. So people buy Instagram like in Nigeria. If you’re ever going to consider that you have to be careful.

Get familiar with the Use of Hashtags
A lot of people search for images and find people related to their niche by using relevant hashtags (#) and as such you have to take advantage of that opportunity. You can also find people to follow by simply searching for relevant hashtags. Instagram search is designed to look for certain products, brand or account with hashtags rather than keywords, unlike Facebook or Twitter where you can type a particular keyword on the search section and it brings out every link, post or account that has that keyword in them. For example, with Facebook and Twitter, you can search for the keyword ‘Surulere’ and all posts and accounts that have Surulere in it will come out. But when using Instagram, you will have to search #surulere for posts that have Surulere on them to come out. So if you will like for your posts to be visible in Instagram’s search and also to reach people who are not familiar with your brand then you have to start using hashtags.

Try to respond to comments
Responding to comments on any of your posts will make your followers know that you value their contributions. Also comment regularly on the posts of other people, to get you to be noticed by lots of other commenters which in turn may attract followers for you. When people follow you, follow back and establish a connection between you and them both on Instagram and on other social media sites.

Capitalize on using Instagram ads
Most business especially the smaller scale ones are usually discouraged from doing social media ads because of cost. But running an Instagram Ad Nigeria doesn’t really require a lot of money- it is affordable. You can simply create an Instagram ad for an amount you can afford.

Create More Video
Using videos to reach out to your customers or audience is a very important both for small and large businesses. Photos are a good way to generate engagement but videos do a far better job. People are more engaged with watching a video to the end provided it has a compelling content, and it gets increased likes and comments and other forms of engagements. So start now and join other brands in creating compelling videos for your business.
You can also do Instagram video stories and live video to reach out to your audience. All you need to do is to make use of your video and add creativity and you will get the engagement you want.

Make use of Influencer Marketing
This is one of the great ways to rapidly build your audience especially when you are starting from the scratch. Through the use of influencer marketing, you will be able to connect with persons who already have established following and be visible to their audience.

Carry out an Instagram contest
Who doesn’t like ‘awoof’? Hosting an Instagram contest will enable your business to interact and engage with a lot of potential and current audience.

Be Consistent
Consistency is key because it gets you noticed. When you constantly deliver good content, it makes people anticipate for your next content and promote followership to your Instagram account. It shows that you are serious and ready for business. With time, you will get an increased number of likes, comments, and other engagements.

Growing your business with Instagram business ideas will not happen overnight. If you can adhere to the rules above, you will be able to attract lots of active and dedicated users who are willing to engage with your brand. This will lead to an organic boost in your Instagram ads and engagements.


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