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Five ways social media is destroying relationships

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Are you having problems in your relationships? Do you know if the reason for this is your insatiable desire to share everything about your life on social media? Social media is great for connecting with people but if you ever abuse it, you might end up destroying more than you’re building.

Distracting couples from spending time together
Before when you go out on a date or hang out, you give each other your 100 percent attention like the whole world does not exist at that moment just the two of you. But in this age of smartphones, it is common to find couples operating their phones while they hang out and smiling at their phones as if their partner is a bore or as if they were forced to go on that date. If it is one-sided, the other person will feel left out and neglected which can be very disrespectful. Even if the two of you engage in it, then the purpose of spending time together will be defeated because you will end up ignoring each other.

Addiction to social media
The excitement of getting increased likes, comments and a lot of followers always gets us active in the social media and trying to beat our friends to their game- ‘Nobody won carry last’. We are rather focused on getting engagements and attention from the social media that we forget to give attention to our relationships. If your partner is constantly having issues with you because you or both of you are spending too much time on social network and it is affecting your relationship then both of you are addicted and need to change. Unfortunately, social media addictions can drive a wedge between the most committed sweethearts because smartphones and the social media has become a third party in the relationship.

Oversharing intimate moments
There are a lot of stories that usually appear on our newsfeed of couples telling us how much they love each other. When they have issues that should be addressed privately they take it to their social media page to lash out at each other; this often happens among the celebrities. ‘Who you Epp?’ -It’s not like our comments are of impact to them, they mostly do so to seek attention and external approval that they have the best relationships. Sharing too many details of your relationship to the public can make your other half uncomfortable.

You become an internet detective
Most time this happens when you notice that your partner has more social media presence than you and also has more followers or commenters. You may start to feel tempted to scout for contents that could prove that they may be cheating on you or you misunderstand the reasons behind their post. These can create distrust amongst you which is not healthy for the relationship.

So what if your suspicions turn out to be true what would you do next? Is it worth the heartache?
Comparing your relationships to other online relationships
Just because Davido bought a Porsche car for his girlfriend and also had her in his Assurance video doesn’t make them the perfect couple, neither does it make their relationship better than yours. So focus on what you have and make your relationship better.

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