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Top ten skills to learn after secondary school

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After secondary school, you will have a lot to time to yourself before going to the higher institution. Rather than just staying at home or wasting time with friends, go learn some skills and develop yourself. If you don’t want to attend a higher institution or you can’t afford it, there is hope.

Countries like China and India are great today because of vocational education. So, join the league of Nigerians who are creating things.  Here are top ten skills you can learn to help build your finances and your get employed.



Graphic designer in Surulere
Graphic designer


Graphic Designers are needed everywhere 

Graphic design is an essential part of the business world. Those who are in the area of marketing, advertising, and sales, will find it more useful. You have to master tools like Photoshop, Corel Draw, Illustrator, Inkscape, amongst others.

Students can create beautiful visual designs after learning these professional design tools. So, learning the very vital skill of graphic design will make you understand the fundamentals of ideas. You’ll create clickable and even saleable things. Young people awaiting admission can learn to get creative and make money.

Constant practice will help you acquire creativity to get better. Graphic design can help provide you with the needed knowledge in your chosen career path. You can work on your own as a freelancer or for a company.


Young Female Nigerian Shoemaker
Young Female Nigerian Shoemaker


Shoemaking can make you rich quick in Surulere

Another creative and lucrative skill you can learn after secondary school is shoemaking. Everyone puts on footwear which serves different purposes. As a shoemaker, you can decide to produce different footwears like fashion shoes, sandals, etc. Materials such as wood, rubber, plastic, jute, and leather are used to make different footwear.

You will have to get trained and learn the needed designs and skills to create lovely footwear. You can develop a career in shoemaking/designing where you get to work with others. When you learn this skill, you become financially independent. There are many places you can learn Shoemaking in Surulere and Lagos.


Young Nigerians learning to repair laptop
Young Nigerians learning to repair laptop


Phone and laptop repairers never get broke 

There are more than 50 million laptops and mobile device users in Nigeria. Every day, unfortunate things happen to them. Phones get dropped, damage, power surge, liquid spill, damaged parts, battery problems etc. Hence, learning how to repair laptops and mobile devices is a goldmine if you’re serious. Device engineers can work part-time or a full-time.

Furthermore, people take their phones to technical engineers for repairs and will appreciate your help. Get yourself registered in school where you will acquire the technical knowledge. Students who acquire the knowledge use it to diagnose and repair phones and laptops. Some people go on to work for big companies and corporations.


Female Nigerian Carpenter
Female Nigerian Carpenter


Carpentry is art and fun 

Carpentry is a vocational education that requires creativity, expression, and capability. There are several branches you can learn including furniture making, roof carpentry, etc. There are many people ins Surulere, Lagos who make a living in carpentry. You too can become financially independent, providing awesome furniture to customers.


caterer learning how to cook in Nigeria
caterer learning how to cook

Catering is good because everyone loves food

Who says you can’t be a caterer at a young age? All you will need to do is to apply to become a student at any reputable catering school. Skilled caterer can work in a restaurant, hotel, or as an assistant to an independent caterer.

Caterers who want to succeed need to practice all the time, and be good at it. Besides, you also need to be efficient and possess good customer service and communication skills. As a result, you’ll become independent, making small chops or snacks and selling to customers. Cake making is a part of catering and vocational training that is unique and very lucrative if you know it well.


Nigerians learning desktop publishing
Nigerians learning desktop publishing


Desktop publishers get jobs easily 

Desktop publishing is a skill that you can use to minimize the cost of production. People use it to improve the appearance of your document and increase productivity. In desktop publishing, you’ll learn how to use tools like MS Word, Excel, Corel Draw, paint, etc.

Once you’re done with your training, you may decide to work for business centers, printing shops, and small businesses. Receptionists who have Desktop Publishing skills get paid more.


Graphic design - Surulere, Lagos
Graphic Design


Become a web design and help companies grow 

Learn skill after your secondary school and make yourself financially independent. Web designers are responsible for creating and managing websites. Furthermore, you can help many businesses establish an online presence by building, them a website. Include social media management to your skills and provide complete service.


Female Nigerian Photographer
Female Nigerian Photographer


Photography can be very interesting 

Photography is a very flexible and creative vocational training. You will get to understand the art of photography, and how to work with the camera. Furthermore, you’ll also learn photo editing, using photo editing tools or software. Photographers play a major role at events like birthday parties, naming, weddings, etc.


Social media expert in Nigeria
Social media expert in Nigeria


Social media marketing is the in-thing 

Social media marketing (SMM) is a very powerful method businesses use to improve sales. Social media is useful for directly reaching and interacting with prospects and existing customers. It is one of the digital marketing skills that you can learn to help businesses look good.

You’ll be responsible for creating advert contents (images, write-ups, and videos). A social media manager will post content on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Another good thing is that social media marketers can work for small businesses helping them manage their profiles.


Fashion design school in Nigeria
Fashion design school in Nigeria


Fashion designers now rule the world 

Fashion designers make new designs for accessories and clothes in a very unique, creative and beautiful way. Hence, you can enroll in any reputable fashion design school or vocational education center of your choice that will offer you certification. Even more, you can also learn it from the woman across the street and still be successful. Lagos tailors are always in high demand because people rely on them to look good and be presentable.

Finally, After secondary school, millions of young Nigerians find themselves in dilemma. Some people want to further their education but have no money, while others continue to deal with jamb. Don’t waste your time remaining idle. When you learn these skills, you can become financially independent at a young age. Thank us later.

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