Benefits of volunteering for community projects

It can be difficult finding the time to participate in voluntary services in Surulere, Lago due to our busy lives. However, there are a lot of benefits that you, your family, and community can derive from volunteering. Finding the right voluntary organization can improve your mental and physical health, meet friends, enhance your skills and provide job opportunities. Learn more about the several benefits of impacting in lives and the community.

It can bring fun and fulfillment to your life
Volunteering in Nigeria can be a fun and simple way of exploring your passion and hobby. There is a lot of fulfillment and happiness that is derived from helping and improving your society as you get to put smiles on the faces of people. Participating in a voluntary work that you find meaningful and interesting can be very relaxing as can help distract you from your daily stressful routines involving work, school, and the family. It motivates you, enhances your creative skills and provides you with a vision that can be added to your personal and professional life.

Volunteering can advance your career
Volunteering to take part in community projects in Surulere, Lagos does not only benefit the targeted community but also you as the volunteer. Employers get a lot of application for specific positions and as such, they look for job applicants that stand out from the rest. They would rather choose applicants who have volunteering experience over those who do not have any experience because who get to increase your skills as a volunteer. Even if you are considering choosing a new career path, volunteering can help you get the needed experience in your area of interest and you will also meet people in that field. For those who are not planning on changing careers, it provides you with the opportunity to practice vital skills that are used in the workplace such as communication and organizational skills, teamwork, project planning and problem-solving skills. These learned skills will help in boosting your confidence in your workplace.

Opportunity to meet new people
If you are a shy person and find it difficult in talking to people or establishing relationships, volunteering for community projects will help you to loosen up, build your confidence and self-esteem. You will learn to relate with people and participate in the planning and execution of several Surulere, Lagos community projects together. You will get the opportunity to strengthen your ties with the community and network with different people who have common interests.

It improves mental and physical health
Volunteering can be of great benefits to one’s mental health as it helps to increase your self-esteem, self-confidence and you get to develop a more positive approach towards life in general. There is a feeling of accomplishments and fulfillment because you are contributing positively to the community. You will learn several experiences- good, bad and the ugly that will make you stronger and better. It also contributes to your physical health by keeping you busy, active, and fit.


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