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Emma Ejiofor, musician and lay preacher brings the message of God to the people

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Folawiyo Bankole Memorial Methodist Church is one of the oldest churches in Surulere. It’s a breeding ground for talents in the arts, especially music. We had an interview with Emma Ejiofor, and he told us about the purpose of his music and plans for the future.

Please introduce yourself, sir

My name is Ejiofor Emmanuel Okechuckwu or Emma Ejiofor for short.
I’m a musician and performing artist. I’m also a lay preacher at Folawiyo Bankole Memorial Methodist Church, Surulere, Lagos.

What type of music do you do?

I do gospel music

What makes your music different from others?

I make music that inspires people to draw closer to God and to worship him. The bible says God is spirit and they that worship him must worship in spirit and in truth.


Emma Ejiofor Worshiping


Where do you get the inspiration to write songs? 

My inspiration to write songs come from God. Sometimes when I’m reading the Bible, I come across a verse that strikes me and the lyrics of the song starts building up.

Also, I get inspiration from my dreams. It’s a wonderful experience when God speaks to you through dreams and you have to express it through music, just like David did in the Bible. I believe, through me, God has a message to pass to the people of the world.

Gospel musicians always talk about the message they want to pass on. What message do you want to pass on with your music?

The most important message I want to pass on to the world through my music is that; Jesus is the only way to God. I believe this with all my heart, soul, and body. You will notice the title of my new album is ‘Christ in Me’’
That we live a good life here on earth is by Christ. That we have the hope of eternal life is by Christ. That is the message I want to pass with my music.

There are serious challenges in the Music industry, especially the Gospel Genre. What are those challenges you think are the most serious ones and the solutions to them?

I think publicity is one of the main challenges in the music industry; making people know about your songs. For those of us just starting, it’s a bit more cumbersome. The second issue is finance. Everything you do requires money and many artists don’t have so much of that.


Emma Ejiofor in church

What are Emma Ejiofor plans for the future?

My plan now is to do some videos and publish my songs and videos through social media. I still have other songs I want to do because, whatever the situation, the message of the lord must be passed across to his people.

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What kind of event can people invite you to come and perform?

Any event that is soul lifting and will be to the glory of God, I will attend. Be it gospel concert, crusade, or praise and worship time, I will go. I have a band that works with me and they’re always ready to support me to pass on the Lord’s message across to the people who need to be blessed by him.

Oh, you have a band

Yes, I do.

Okay that’s good

Yes, thanks.

Do you live in Surulere?


What do you like about Surulere?

Surulere is central. It’s a cool environment where you can get anything you want. I also love the community spirit and peace here.



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