Fight stress and depression with the music you love

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Listening to music is no doubt a generally enjoyable activity for many people as it puts you in a good mood.
Did you also know that music also has several other mental health benefits? Research has been carried out with the aim of trying to understand how music can help ease your stress and calm your nerves, and also relieve other negative symptoms.

Lowers stress and anxiety
We are exposed to continuous daily stress that can have a negative impact on our health- waking up early just to beat the traffic and get to work on time, work pressure, family and relationship stress. Listening to the music that you enjoy lowers the stress hormone known as cortisol (I like 2face, any day). It also has a therapy option used to treat people with a general anxiety disorder.

Regardless of how mild or severe your level of anxiety may be, listening to music especially the ones you love will help relieve your symptoms and make you relax. In order to maintain calmness and stay healthy during a stressful day, turn on the radio, or listen to the music on your phone; sing along, shake your head and tap your feet to the song beat and you will experience its full healing benefit.

Reduces Depression
Depression cannot be dealt with by just putting a smile on your face or listening to people saying to you “be happy!”, It needs a stronger intervention to reduce or manage it. It could be through the use of medication (antidepressants), behavioral and talk therapy, or music therapy. Music therapy has been proven to be a very efficient and cost-effective treatment both in children, adolescents, and adults as it helps in improving their self-esteem and relational skills.
However, there are certain kinds of music which may work better in relieving depression according to a study (Classical music and Meditative sounds). They help in lifting one’s spirits when feeling low.

Strengthens Memory and Learning
Another great mental health benefit of music is its ability to heighten your focus and concentration on specific tasks. Though some people find listening to music with lyrics very distracting especially when their activities requires intensive thinking, such as reading or doing assignments, working on a project at the office with colleagues. Listening to classical music or nature sounds can help to increase concentration.

Helps you sleep better
Music is a cheap way to deal with insomnia. Studies showed positive benefits in people with insomnia that listen to music before going to bed. There were no side effects rather an improved quality of sleep. So if you are experiencing troubles with sleeping, try listening to some cool music or instrumental music to catch some sleep.

Increasing your Motivation
For the exercise lovers, listening to music with a fast tempo can help in boosting your performance during your exercise. So whenever you want to hit the streets of Surulere, Lagos to Jog or visit the gym, ensure to include fast-paced music to your workout playlist to achieve better results.

Elevates your mood while driving
Listening to music while driving is a popular act amongst drivers irrespective of the type of vehicle, however, many people do not know its effect on their state of mind.

Take music seriously. Find which artist or genre inspires you and try to create a peaceful and happy atmosphere that helps you to discover the very best in you.



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