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Five Reasons You Should Get Health Insurance in Surulere

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It is rather unfortunate that the level of acceptance of health insurance in Nigeria is less than 5% despite all the benefits that come from it. Ignorance is the major reason for its poor penetration in Surulere, Lagos and Nigeria as a whole. Health insurance through HMO has plenty of benefits, especially for a family.

It’s your best option for saving money and living a healthy lifestyle. Here are five reasons you need to get health insurance.

Getting a Health Insurance Can be Cheaper on a Long Run

Many people shy away from getting a health insurance with the belief that it is expensive and money-consuming. However, treating serious medical issues or all-around medical diagnosis can put you in debts. You are provided with health care insurance options or plans that are suitable for your budget. Choose an HMO plan that can cover you for a general or minor medical care or opt for the premium package.

With health insurance, complicate health issues like caesarian sections (CS) and surgery (minor) are treated. If you make cash payment for these, you’re going spend much more money.

You are Covered in Times of Unexpected and Urgent Medical Issue 

We cannot predict or determine when we fall ill or get injured. Things happen all of a sudden and we have to deal with it. Health policy like the one offered by AXA Mansard keeps you at peace because you know that you will be attended to in the best way. You also know that when you unexpectedly fall sick or sustain an injury (in an accident), you get responsive medical care.

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 It Offers Preventive Care

Most people with health insurance have a tendency to be healthier than those without one. They don’t stay long or wait until their health condition worsens to see a physician. People with health insurance ins Surulere, Lagos and other places have a routine medical check.

This can help discover or diagnose any hidden medical problem such as diabetics, tumor, high blood pressure, infections, etc. Early detection before medical situations get worse or become complicated and life-threatening is key to healthy living. In the end, you will live better and healthy lives, make more money and give back to society.

Lower Medical Costs

You won’t save any more by avoiding health insurance, that’s a fact.  This is a widespread mentality among many Nigerians and the early you snap out of it, the better. These insurance companies help to significantly reduce medical expenses by negotiating with the hospital. In most cases, insured medical bills can be about 20%-50% lower than a cash payment.

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Better Personal Financial Planning

Take charge of your personal finance by setting a budget ahead for your medical care expenses. So, people who plan their lives by taking advantage of highly subsidized health policy have better financials. Money more in your pocket means more resources to expand your business and take good care of your children.

Health insurance is a wise future investment that you should consider as they help to reduce the medical financial burden on you and the family. Find any health insurance company within Surulere or around you and secure your health.


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