Five Different Ways To Make Money From Agriculture

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Agriculture can be very lucrative. Cash crops, food crops, fruit crops, etc will always yield better commercial outcomes since food always attracts a larger market. Here are five ways to make money from agriculture.


Farming is not as difficult as you think. There are several aspects of farming you can specialize in and make a good profit. Snail farming is a profitable business you can engage in, for example. As a farmer, you can sell these snails to communities that eat it as a source of protein.

Fish is another farm produce enjoyed by people. If your fish farm produces abundant fishes, there are several fish markets that are ready to buy from you and sell. Other aspects of farming you can also make money from are crop farming, fruit farming, and poultry farming.

Invest In Agriculture

There are several reasons to invest in Agriculture. Although it may not provide immediate returns, with time, it can pay-off greatly. There are cash flow crops in some locations where there can be multiple harvests per year.

These crops are annual and are one of the best ways to make money from agriculture by investing. Investors can secure these yields via long-term contracts with tenant farmers or from customers who agree to purchase the crops. Also, farmlands have appreciated in value due to urban sprawl and land development.

Investing in farmable lands may reduce the potential for selling these lands even as development encroaches. For example, a Nigeria agricultural platform called Farmcrowdy invests in small-scale farming by providing rural farmers with improved seeds, farm inputs and provides a market for the sale of their farm produce.

Sell Farm Produce

You do not need to be a farmer before you can make money from agriculture. Buying and selling farm produce such as millet, rice, beans, etc is a smart way to make money in this industry. You could be a retailer, wholesaler or distributor but basically, you need to decide on what you want to sell. It is advisable to buy in small quantities from farmers at first and sell to the market within that area.

You can also buy farm produce from one state of the country and sell it in another. For example, Benue State has tubers of yams in abundance. You can purchase this farm produce and sell in a state where yams are usually scarce like Sokoto state.

There is also some abundant farm produce in Sokoto State that Benue State is lacking, you get the gist. You can sell these on your way back to back. This method can also be done within African countries in order to help you expand your business.

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Blogging On Agriculture

Starting a blog on agriculture may not be as challenging as it may seem especially if you have expertise in blogging or writing. Through this, you can help many farmers to become popular on social media.

You can make money by sharing insights and opinions in agriculture as well as attract a new audience. The agricultural field has plenty of topics to discuss, so you could choose a niche that interests people the most.

You could also visit farmers and find out about the kind of products they have in their farmlands and connect them to buyers by creating unique content on your blog. It’s one of the smartest ways to make money from agriculture from both the farmer and the buyer.

Education And Training as Ways To Make Money From Agriculture

History has it that many farmers in the past were born into family farming businesses, unlike this 21st century. They gained experience from observation and hands-on practical approach from the time they were children.

The modern trends in the farming industry today require formal education and training as well. People willing to venture into agriculture desire the right knowledge and skills. Money can be made from providing the right education and training to these people especially if you have expertise in the agricultural sector.

You could make money by creating an institute where you can train and educate people on different aspects of agriculture such as agricultural economics and farm management, crop science, animal science, principles of agriculture.

Creating internship programs could also expose them to practical and hands-on farming experience which could also be a good business for you.


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