Benefits of getting your PVC Or Permanent Voter’s Card

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The next season of election is fast approaching. We all as Nigerians want the best for our country, and we want a secured and economy-stable country with good leadership, so as to defeat the causes of poverty in the land. How can we make this happen? You can make your wishes come true by getting registered and obtaining your PVC. There are several benefits that you can obtain when you have your Permanent Voter’s Card.

The Permanent Voter’s Card gives you the right to vote
The main benefit of obtaining a Permanent Voter’s Card is to have a voice that counts in the political matters of the country as an eligible citizen. Your voter’s card is what you will use during the election exercises and without it, you cannot be able to carry out your right as a citizen and choose whom you think will make a better leader. The PVC gives you the right to cast your vote and have a say on who should take over the mantle of leadership.


It is a reliable method of identification
The Permanent Voter’s card is accepted nationwide as a form of identification as it is believed to likely contain accurate information about you. The voter ID card contains various features that can be used to identify an individual, especially during the voting period.

The features in the voter’s card include your photograph, full names, gender, date of birth, serial number, address, local government area, etc. Other information like fingerprints and signature further increases the security features of the card to ensure that you will not be impersonated either can you impersonate others during the voting period.

Moreover, as a form of identification, the voter ID card can actually be used as an alternative in the absence of a national ID card, so you should do everything possible to apply for it before 2019 elections.

It enables you to be recognized as a registered voter
The voter’s card acknowledges the fact that a voter has been registered accordingly. You cannot obtain your voter ID card without going through a registration process. Your information will then be entered into the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) database as a citizen who is eligible to cast his or her vote come any election season. You can then cast your vote with the card at the local government area where you registered.

You can use your Permanent voter’s card for official purposes
Voter’s card is usually requested for various official reasons and transactions. For example, in the financial sector, banks or other financial institutions usually require you to provide a valid form of identification.

This can either be your National ID card or your Voter’s card before you can continue certain financial transactions with them like opening a bank account, obtaining a loan, etc.

It is your right as an eligible citizen of the country to vote and your Permanent Voter’s Card gives the power to make your vote count. Get your PVC today and add your voice to the conversation.


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