Here are the places you can register for PVC in SURULERE

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Do you live in Surulere and want to register for PVC? Check the table below with the corresponding dates on when you can register. The address is also there. So, make it a date and get your PVC once and for all. Participate in elections; its your right and destiny.

Remember, deadline is 31st of July, 2022.

INEC and PVC registration timetable

INEC and PVC registration timetable

Why Do You Need to Get Your PVC?

Well, your voter’s card is the most important thing you need to be eligible to vote. In a country like Nigeria where there is lack of good leadership, there is need for citizens to vote in the right candidate and get rid of the bad once. So, your PVC makes it possible to exercise your fundamental rights to vote.

Importance of Permanent Voters Card

There are several candidates on the ballot, from House of Assembly to Presidential. You have a responsibility to participate in the elections by voting for the right people. These people, when they get to office, will do what will benefit you. Unlike what we have now where politicians only do what benefits them and their family and friends.

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Taking part in the elections reduces rigging. How? The more people out there voting, the less likely it is for powerful politicians to rig. There is also the issue of vote buying. Vote buying as an elections rigging strategy only works when people sit at home on election day. So, the more people that participate in the elections, the less effective vote buying is. Your voter’s card allows you to take part in elections and ensure election results count. It gives you the right to stay at the polling booth and ensure results are transferred electronically before you leave.

After getting your PVC don’t sit down on the fence. Decide which candidates to vote for. You can also join political parties and experience the electoral process. You’re going to meet plenty of people and have some fun.


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