How to help your teenagers overcome social media obsession

Social media with all its benefits can be very addictive and most time the young adults tend to abuse the whole essence of the network. You will find them spending all day and night engaging themselves in the most meaningless conversations with friends and strangers.

How do you stop or help your teens to reduce their social media obsessions?
Excessive access and obsession with social media can ruin your children’s mental and emotional development, affect their academics, and reduce their capacity to survive in the real world.

Establish communication with your teens
Engaging in regular conversations with your teenagers by screaming and scolding them will not stop them from their social media obsessions but rather worsen the situation leaving confused as if you have failed in your duties as a parent. Instead, converse with them in a logical way. Ask them certain questions that will make them aware and leave them pondering about the bad than good the social media has done to them so far.

Questions like,

“how many hours in a day, week, or month do you check on your personal account?”

leave them to do the maths. They may be shocked to realize how much of their time goes into the social media.

“List the things you have discovered that has made you feel good about yourself?”

“How have your relationship with the people you are chatting with benefitted you?”

It is most likely that there is little or no benefits at all and this will make them conscious of the fact that they are giving too much time into what is not bringing a profitable outcome. Then give them the listening ear to talk.

Be involved in your teenager’s online world
This means you have to flow with them while encouraging them to reduce the amount of time they spend on social media. If they sense that you understand and are available to them they will let you into what goes on with them online. Use this opportunity to teach them what to do when faced with several issues on their social media accounts.

Keep them busy
Encourage your teen to try something new, like getting a new hobby, sport and doing a fun and exciting activity with friends and family. They will learn the habit of using their spare time to do other beneficial, exciting and mental building activities rather than spending the entire day on their phone.
Set rules on phone use and social media

There is a popular saying “spare the rod and spoil the child”. If giving them the power to control their presence online themselves fail, then you have to establish some rules about the use of their phones and when to access the internet. Not just setting some rules, but making sure that these rules are being adhered to and failure to keep to them should attract consequences. You will have to take their phones most times while making them pursue other beneficial activities.


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