Johnny Waka Shutting Down Surulere With Comedy And More

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  • To feature comedy, dance,  music, stage play, and more. 
  • Event happening on Sunday 26th, August 2018, at Rita Lori New Event Center, Surulere, Lagos. 
  • Family-friendly event, with lots of activities. 


Please tell us your name

My name is John Jegede a.k.a ‘Johnny Waka’

What is the name of the event?

The name of the event is “Johnny Waka on the move”.

Tell us everything about the event

“Johnny Waka on the move” is a comedy and music concept that I initiated. The reason for the event name is because Johnny Waka is always on the move – I can be anywhere in the world but right now I’m right here in Lagos, Surulere to be precise and the event will majorly involve Gandoki, reasons being that Gandoki is the one that discovered me, he knows me and my history.

This Comedy event is just like every other show that I have done but this is the first time that I am doing “Johnny Waka on the move” and that is why I am involving people from my root, those who discovered and mentored me to become who I am today.

Who are your target audience for this event?

Everybody including the children, youths, adults and the older folks

Who are the Stars coming for this event?

Wow! A lot of stars even the ones that I never expected- they include  Comedians like Gandoki, Klint da Drunk, Omobaba, Bash, Still ringing, Owen Gee;

Music will be supplied by the likes of Terry Akpala, [Danny vive], as well as dancers.

There will also be a stage play performance.

What is the Title of the Stage play?

The title of the stage play is “House Palaba”.


Why do you think people should come- what will they gain if they come?

The reason why people should come to this event is that the current situation in Nigeria needs a laugh. In fact, the medicine for us right now is laugh. You need to see the way our politicians are crossing one carpet to another and also the situation in Nigeria. Apart from that, we are going to use this event as an avenue to create awareness and sensitize our youths to get their Voters’ card so that we can vote rightly and not based on sentiments.

For instance, if my father is not performing well, let them vote him out. There is something that we are campaigning for, of which I will not let the cat out of the bag yet.

The youths are the future leaders of this country- for over 50 years now, the older ones are the ones ruling us and you can see that their mentality is fading out, they really don’t have that concept to move us forward that is why I really want for the youths, the children, and also the adults to come, hear and also laugh at our comedy.

There are things that you cannot tell the government with seriousness when you try that the SSS will come knocking on your door. But if you tell them jokingly, they will hear and also laugh over it.

Where can one get tickets?

Sharwama base burger- Legion Mall, Zenith spot at Ojuelegba, Rita lori event center which is the venue of the event, and also other outlets.

Any contact information?

Okay! If you want to reach me, you can get across to me on Instagram (@johnnywakawell), Facebook (Johnny Waka), phone contact (0802 882 3445)

Why do you love Surulere?

I never came to Lagos with any address; the first time I came to Lagos, the first place I visited was the National Stadium. Then at OJ’s nightclub, we were doing ‘Artiste night’ and I remembered sleeping at that place for one month.

Surulere really helped me and I don’t even want to leave Surulere for anywhere- I want my people to feel me. I don’t really have much priority on the Island, I want the Island to come to the Mainland because I feel that Surulere is special- we are all here. Surulere is the only place I know that support event like no other.

What is the Price for the Ticket?

The price for the ticket is ₦3,000 for Single, ₦5,000 for Couple, ₦10,000 for Table – Table for 10 is ₦100,000

When is the event?

The red carpet will start at 4 pm but the event proper will kick off from 6 pm to 9 pm.

I am partnering with Kiss FM for this comedy and music event; they are our proud sponsor and they are really giving this event more than 200 percent support.  The event is theirs, not mine, but I really want to promote my name and Kiss FM brand in Surulere that is the reason why we are doing this.



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