How Surulere artists can create latest music and build large fan base

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  • Good latest music always sells
  • Be active on social media and share free mp3 download 
  • Seize the opportunity to always perform at small events
  • Build local fans

Music artists in Surulere are creating the latest music but are facing challenges in reaching a wider audience. It is very important for an artist to build and maintain their fan base. How can you get people who listen to your song casually to become your loyal fans?

Ensure that your music is actually worth promoting
People can love your latest music for several reasons- the beat, instruments, lyrics, the message or your voice. No one will want to waste their time or pay to listen to quack songs. It is your duty to make sure that you can deliver good contents to your audience.

Whichever one works for you whether the beat, lyrics or your voice, ensure to stick with it and develop yourself. It will stand you out from among other music artists. Establish a unique brand and be professional about it. You will discover that you don’t have to do so much to get noticed by your listeners and increase your fan base.

Create a website
For many artists that are yet to be signed by any label, promoter or agent, you will have to find a way to get noticed. Establishing an online presence through owning a website can expose you to a lot of your people as well as promoters.

You should publish contents on your website about you and your latest music such as professional photographs and videos, biography, press releases, updates on your tours or music production, upcoming performances, reviews, contact information and links to your social media handles.

Create a Blog
You can add a blog section to your website or run a blog independently. A blog is an online diary that can be used to frequently update personal thoughts or experiences which is intended for public viewing.

It requires patience and time but over time will produce amazing results. You can write blog articles about your experiences, dreams, hopes, and stories about the industry. This will enable your fans to understand you and your music better.

It is a very effective way of grabbing people’s attention and building loyal fans that will be willing to pay for your albums and gigs. You have to ensure that your posts stay as professional as possible.

Establish your presence on social media
Social media has made it very easy to interact with your existing fans and also get more fans. You have to try as much as possible to be consistent on your social accounts. You cannot be in all the social networks, you just have to pick a few and constantly post, like, and interact with your fans, your colleagues in the industry as well as other similar brands in the industry such as media companies, agencies, etc.

Use social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, among others. Ensure to share videos, photos, free mp3 download write-ups of your present moments so that your fans can follow up on what’s going on with you and don’t forget to reward them with giveaways.

In your comment sections and other mentions, try to politely reply to as many fans who ask questions about your music. They will appreciate it and feel more connected to you and this will surely boost the chances of getting devoted fans.

Build local fanbase first
It is laughable to see young latest music artists aspiring for a national or global fan when not even their next door neighbor know what they do. Yes, many artists have become successful without any local fame, but these are few.

You also need to have the backing of a powerful record label or artists behind you or plenty of money to cut across. But if you’re like most artists who don’t have money then you have to build your fanbase from scratch – by letting your family members, church members, schoolmates, neighbors, and Surulere street people know you.

Perform in smaller venues
It can be easier to get new fans in smaller but crowded venues than larger but scanty venues. Smaller venues tend to offer a great chance for direct interaction and once you know how to perform well, you have the potential to get closer to fans and meet them in person.

Being successful in the music industry requires patience, consistency, and diligence. Make sure that you put your fans first and make them feel special because they can determine your success in the industry.


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