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Please tell us your name

My name is Nonso Ezeobidi, from Anambra State. I am the last born from a family of 8; two ladies and six full-grown men.

What do you call your brand of music?

Naturally, it is an infusion of the old reggae style and the new style that means ‘Lovers Rock’. That is the genre of my music. Though, I dive into some other kinds of music.

What demographic, age range or age group of people does your music appeal to?

Yea! Mainly the generation of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. This is because the new school now don’t know so much about Lover’s Rock music but they enjoy it. Though, they are other dancehalls like the recent one called London dancehall. This is a little bit of an extraction from the Lover’s Rock thing.

Okay, so tell us about your new song, “My Angel”.

My latest music I called Angel is purely made of love.

Is it Angel or My Angel?

My Angel! It’s purely made from the experience I had when I was overseas. The environment we have in Nigeria now has made it imperative that before you fall in love and before you can have a beautiful girl, you must have something (money) in your pocket. I was going through some pictures of my foreign female friends, Japanese girls to be precise. Though money is good, women should learn to appreciate the men in their lives, especially the ones that care for them.


What message are you trying to pass with the song?

The message is clear to people that will listen to the song. They will know that love comes naturally without any attachment, financial or no obligation. What you are going to give is purely from the inside, let it be from within. Though, if you have money, it’s good, it’s a spice, more like the icing on the cake but naturally, you should give yourself first and not trying to cut corners. Yea! To fall in love is good but let it be unconditional.

Tell us about other songs, other recordings you have done.

I have many songs… if I should count, it will be uncountable but the ones I had done before are more in Lover’s Rock style like ‘Teaching a girl’ etc.

How many songs have you recorded so far?

I have like about seventy-something or eighty-something recorded already.

Where can somebody listen to some of these songs, where can we access them?

You can go to YouTube, Sound Cloud and other sites where you can get free mp3 download.

What is your plan for the future, for your music career?

Yes, I want to stabilize myself first because Nigeria is highly competitive but I believe that those set of people I earlier mentioned- the age bracket, they are the ones that will be my followers. I also want to make Nigeria be a place where you can come in and enjoy this kind of music (Lovers Rock) not only when you go to Jamaica or the UK. I’m trying to tell Nigerians and Africans that Nigeria is a place where you can come and enjoy this kind of music and this also can make our country popular not just in ‘Highlife’ or ‘Shaku shaku’.

So what popular places have you performed before?

From the starting of my music career, I have been playing in big hotels like Sheraton and Ibis Hotels in Lagos; Nike Lake in Enugu; when I traveled abroad to Japan, I performed in Kawasaki, Shanghai, [Giza]; in Hong Kong, [Kaulou] and so many other places. I am also a tourist.

What top have local or international artistes you performed with?

So many great ones, I have performed alongside Sunny Okosun, when I was growing up, I backed him up because he came to one of the hotels I was performing then.


















What year was this?

That was about two years before he died. Though, I can’t place the exact year.

What artiste have you recently performed with?

Recently, I did a song with Rhymzo though he is no more in Nigeria- we played and recorded together, I also did something with Terry Akpala.

What do you like about Surulere?

The setting, structure, road networks, beautiful and serene roads and the city of Surulere reminds me about Dubai of then, about 1998 when I traveled there. Now, a lot of things are happening in Surulere- new artists are coming up, new shows and events are coming up, new clubs and nightlife and so on. If you can come in and do a show with good music, in Surulere, I think you will have a memorable experience that you will not regret.


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