Lovita Kueengaga; An Artist On A Mission

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Lovita Kueengaga is an artist that has gone beyond just recording songs. She loves to perform in shows and has big dreams for the future. We had a conversation with the young lady and talked about her music.

Lovita Kueengaga Feelings Music Video

Please introduce yourself
My name is Okpara Faith Chioma

What is your stage name?
Lovita a.k.a Kueengaga

What kind of music do you sing?
I do Afro Hip-hop and Dancehall

How long have you been singing?
Though I have been singing since I was a child, in church, I started singing professionally in 2014 that’s about 4 years ago.

So you have been like a child singer?
Yes, I have. I started as a choir member in my church. 

Did you win an award as a child singer?
Of course, I won an award then in my church.

What kind of people does your music appeal to?
Well! I believe everyone should listen to my kind of music. I would not want to categorize.

What top artists have you worked with?
I have worked mainly with producers. I worked with Diehard Beat, DXL-they produced Terry G; and some other producers. I have also recently worked with Papa K.

As an artist, what do you think is the biggest problem in the music industry and what is the solution?
Firstly, I think piracy is the biggest problem in the music industry now. Secondly, the upcoming artistes are not valued; they are often looked down on. Artistes are viewed as unserious people by most citizens of our country, Nigeria.

What do you think can be done to make people believe more in the Nigeria music and upcoming artistes?
Well! I feel if the piracy can be stopped, upcoming artistes will have an upper hand to an extent in the entertainment industry.

How many songs have you recorded so far?
Initially, I started as a gospel artist. My album contained 6 tracks or so. I later switched over to secular music. All the songs I have now should be about 14 in total.

What is your plan for your music career?
I am aiming higher- I want my music to go viral, to explore, for people to know me and accept me for who I am. 

What do you think about Surulere?
I love Surulere so much. I live here. Most of my friends reside here. Most artists that have made it in the music industry are from Surulere. I am proud to be in Surulere.

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