Four Tips to Convince People to Buy your Product and Make More Sales

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There is a lot of competition in the market. So, getting people to notice the quality and uniqueness of your product, make sales, and decide to buy from you can be a bit of a challenge.

However, learning and making use of the right techniques and tricks to convince your potential buyers is important. This should be done both in person and online, especially on platforms like jiji, with the capacity to increase the chances of your products getting sold.

Clearly describe your product
If you want to get a potential customer interested in what you are selling, then you have to describe your product in a few sentences. Outline the important details about the products. Potential buyers will get the exact idea of what your product is about when you go straight to the point.

A lot of people don’t have the time to read the online product description word for word. They also may not have the patience to listen, while you give them a story or history about your product. In describing your product, you have to make use of simple words that your potential buyer will understand.

Avoid the use of Jargons as you will end up sending your prospects away in annoyance and confusion. In simple and clear words, describe what your product is all about. Let them know why it is unique and what your potential buyers should expect from it. This will help you make good sales.

People buy personalities, not products
People want to know who you are; i.e the personality behind the product. They want to help connect with you before they can trust what you have to sell. Make sure you find a way to get in front of customers. This can be through videos or photographs, and connect with them emotionally. You should also need to have a good attitude; there is no substitute for that.

Let customers see or feel the products
If you are trying to convince a buyer to purchase your product in person, it is important that you present the product to them, physically. Let them feel it, touch it or test run it. This will give them the opportunity to observe the features of the item which can increase the likelihood of product purchase.

For Instance, many clothing stores have changing rooms where a customer can try out a wear to see if it fits before making a purchase decision.

If you are selling your product through online means, like jiji, you will have to take clear pictures or videos of the item and post. Ensure the picture or video is taken in a way that customers will be able to clearly see the features of the product. You can get a person to model the product for you or a dummy, with emphasis on the item.

Create Urgency
Emphasize the uniqueness of your product and explain why it cannot be compared to other similar products. Provide them with reasons why they have to get the product now and not later. They will get the message that they can miss out if they don’t purchase such an item right away. This will drive them to take action on your website or jiji store.

Ensure to speak to your potential buyers with confidence
To be able to convince your potential customer to buy your product you have to be able to speak with confidence. Establish eye contact and talk to them in a loud and calm voice. You will need to practice in advance what you are going to pitch to your potential customers. Avoid exaggerating the product features as you will sound false and unconvincing.

Getting potential customers to eventually become your customers, make sales, and even remain loyal can be quite challenging. But with the right plan and steps like the above stated, you will get positive sales results.


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