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  • Upcoming Afro-pop/R&B artist has inspirational songs to offer
  • People need to take it easy in relationships 
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We had a conversation with Smilez Milliyan in our office and he has so much to say about his career, song, talent, and future plans. Enjoy.

What’s your name?

My name is Smilez Milliyan. I am a musical artiste.

What brand of music do you do?

I do Afro-Pop/R&B genre of music.

What demographic or age group of people is your music targeted at?

It is both the young and old which includes the working class and the cool-headed kind of people.

Tell us about any of your songs

I have many songs but “Ifeoma”, is one of my favorite. It is a love song for emotional people, people who have issues in their relationship.

Is Ifeoma your girlfriend’s name?

Yes! That’s the name of my first girlfriend.


Is she still your girlfriend?

No! She was my first girlfriend, we are currently not together.

Was that where you got your inspiration from?

Yes! That was where I got the name “Ifeoma” from.

Did she break your heart?

Well! I won’t say she broke my heart. It gets to a point in a relationship where the two parties are tired of themselves so they have to call it quit.

What is the content of the music?

The song is all about a girl you fell in love with and you are telling her that she is your world; she’s your all in all… It’s basically a love song.

What message do you hope to generally pass across with your songs?

The reason why I’m into music is to pass good messages to people, especially the positive part of it. There are a lot of broken marriages and relationships, love problems here and there in the world today. Basically, I use music to add value to humanity.

Smilez Milliyan


What is your plan for the future of your music career?

I am currently working on a new song titled “Destiny” and it should be released in two months time. I am also planning to do a musical video by next year, probably around February. After that, we will look further into doing other promotions like audio promotion. I’m also planning to do collaborations and work with other Surulere artistes. These guys are good so you should expect something fresh from us soon.

What is your experience about living in Surulere?

Surulere is a very nice place to stay. Though, it is like a training ground where you are taught the good and the hard part of life. You get to meet good, nice and friendly people. Surulere is the place to be.


Listen to Smilez Milliyan’s tracks on his SoundCloud Channel for free




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