Ten Reasons Why You Should Attend IPONTEX 2019 Event

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The global fashion industry is a gold mine. According to statistics, revenue generation in the apparel business globally will reach 1.5 trillion dollars by 2020. With the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria and Africa, it is disheartening to know that only 1% of the revenue will be coming to Africa.

IPONTEX 2019 event is the first Print On Garment Expo with the desire to open the eyes of Nigerians to take advantage of the huge opportunity that abounds in the fashion industry.

The event will be taking place on October 24 – 25, 2019, at Radisson Blu, Isaac John Street, GRA Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria, and here are ten reasons why you should take out time to attend.


In any industry, networking paves the way for success. You need to have access to as many people as possible to be able to break through and succeed. IPONTEX 2019 event will give everyone in the textile printing business an opportunity to meet with relevant people in the industry and do business with them.

Latest Innovation And Ideas

There was a time printing was done with manual machines then innovation came and people change. Truth is, innovation will never stop happening, and it will continue to determine the difference between success and failure. This event will feature innovative machinery and products that will help you knock out your competition for good.

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Heavy Discounts

Every conference and exhibition offers the opportunity to get products at a highly discounted price; the IPONTEX event won’t be any different. People who come to the event will have the chance to get machinery, products, services, and other items at very ridiculous prices.

ipontex 2019 fashion show

Learn About The Craft Of Print On Fabrics

Knowledge is power. If you’re planning to go into the business of printing on textiles and fabrics, then you need to improve on your knowledge base. IPONTEX 2019 will feature workshops, seminars, and speeches, where you’ll learn so much about how to find your way into the very lucrative textile business.

Learn How To Start Your Own Clothing Business

There is no better time to start a clothing business than now. The federal government and CBN are planning to revive the textile industry, stop or reduce important, so as to promote local production and create jobs. At this event, you will learn how to start your own clothing business, including everything you need to start.

Listen And Get Inspired

IPONTEX 2019 event will feature speeches and discussion sessions where you will learn a lot about the business of printing on textiles. You will not only learn but also get inspired to start your own business and begin a great career.

Discover Exceptional Brands

Many top quality brands in the print on the textile industry will be attending the event. It’s a marvelous opportunity to have a one-on-one interaction with these people and engage them. You’re also free to ask any questions that you may have.

Pay For A Stand

If you’re an established print on textile business, then you can call to book a stand at the event. You will be exposing your business to more than 1,000 people who will be coming from different parts of Nigeria, to come and witness the occasion, learn the trade, buy supplies, and improve on their skills.

Start building your list

You’re going to meet a lot of people at the event. You’ll be exchanging business cards, phone numbers, and email addresses with them. Since most of these people are in the print on textile industry, you are already building an amazing list of people that will help improve your business.

Have Fun At IPONTEX 2019 Event

Yes, IPONTEX 2019 event is not going to be all business and talk; there is also going to be fun, especially the fashion show. The organizers are prepared to help attendees not only learn but also to enjoy themselves.

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