Ten Reasons Your Surulere Small Business Needs a Website

Have you been struggling to make sales? You may have a lot of competitors within and outside Surulere and this means that you have more marketing work to do in order to get more customers to patronize you. One of the most important things that will make customers notice and value you more is when you own a website for your small business. Its significance cannot be underestimated. Many big businesses know about the benefits of a web design and so they make use of it to get more sales. Here are ten reasons why your small business in Surulere needs a website.

Customers expect it
When a customer wants to get details about your business, they search for your company e-commerce website. They expect that you should have a working website that provides detailed online contents about your business and the products/services you offer. Many people would prefer knowing more about you online as it saves stress and time rather than visiting your business in your physical location in Surulere. So when they don’t find your website address or can’t access your site, you are perceived to either be a fraud or unserious for business and as such they will look elsewhere.

It provides your small business a global presence
Whether you have a shop, office, or a building for your small business, you will only be limited to the people living around you. Even majority of people living within Surulere may not know that your business exists but when you have an online business website, it will allow you to promote your business not only in Surulere but also to people from other parts of Lagos. This will create awareness about your business and also increase the number of persons that get to patronize you. For instance, companies like Amazon use their website to reach out to people across the globe and distance is not a barrier to get products delivered to customers. Customers will not have to travel out of the country to patronize them all thanks to logistics services like DHL.

Your business is open 24/7
Your business close time, holiday breaks and personal time will not affect the sales of your products as your website or web design will always be available at any time of the day. Your prospects and customers can access your official website and make an order or purchase your products at any time of the day and from anywhere. If you render services, you can always go to your business website to familiarize them with your services; they do not have to wait for you to resume work to do that. This gives your business an edge over others.

Your business will show up on Search engines
When people need information about anything they browse use search engines like Google. As soon as they type in what they are searching for, Google will provide them with websites that are offering such services. This official website that appears on the search engines tends to get more customers and make more sales. The reason for not getting more clients or customers to purchase your products or services is because you are limited when people search online for your business, and you are nowhere to be found. They will patronize the other businesses that appear on the search engines. As far as they are concerned, your business does not exist.

It makes your small business appear bigger
When you have the perfect web design for your business, it makes it appear more professional. Most large-scale businesses in your industry own websites; so if you have a website, it will boost your brand.

Owning a website will help you generate leads
Leads in marketing are the customers that might have an interest in your products/services. There are several websites that you may visit and then you see a pop-up notification or a portion in the website where you are required to enter your details such as your full name, email address, and phone number- some websites usually require more information.

So if you have a website and people who visit it provide you with their details, they have become a lead. These persons may not be interested or ready to purchase what you offer at that moment but with constant follow-ups through SMS, email address, etc. about the products or services that they might be interested in, you may get them to later purchase what your offer.

Having a Good web design saves you time
Your website can attract several visitors at the same time and they can be doing different things on your site. If you happen to be selling products through your websites, these visitors could be checking out the products at the same time and you stand a high chance of making even more sales. But If you are limited to only a physical location, then you will have to always avail yourself to explain your products or business to the customers even when you may have other things to attend to.

It saves you money
You may think that the cost of owning and managing a website is rather expensive but it can’t be compared to the large costs you will have to make on the traditional marketing methods which are- through the use of fliers, posters, pamphlets, brochures, electronic media (TV and Radio), Print media (Newspapers, , and magazines), etc.
Your website is a cheaper way to get to your target audience/customers. You can make use of website building tools like WordPress.

It provides social proof
These social proof could be in form of comments, reviews or testimonial where people give feedback on your products or services. This will result in other people taking actions to also patronize you based on the good recommendation people have about what your offer.

It will help you understand your customers
Through the use of trackers or cookies on your website which is usually installed by the web design developer, you can know where your visitors accessed your website from, the products they are checking the most, and also how long they stay on your site. This will help you in improving your marketing strategy in order to encourage sales.

In a commercial area like Surulere where the business competition is strong, it is necessary for you to own a website because it will give your business the needed exposure which in turn will generate sales.


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