Three Things To Do If You Catch a Cold This Rainy Season

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It can be quite relieving to experience the rainy season again after months of terrible heat and severe sunshine. Even with the nice feel, the weather brings along with it, its own ‘wahala’.
If you find yourself become a victim of cold or flu, here are some of the things you can do to get relieve.

Hot Drinks
You should consider taking hot drinks during this weather like hot tea or coffee, ginger tea, hot milk, pepper soup or other kinds of soups that is garnished with herbs, vegetables, and healthy spices. These drinks will help keep your body warm and also prevent infection and flu which can occur due to the change in body temperature.

Maintain good hygiene lifestyle
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle this period involves eating nutritious meals and avoiding road-side as much as possible. Keep your home and environment clean, also take a lot of clean water to help eliminate toxins from your body. Generally, maintaining a good hygiene and healthy lifestyle will help to prevent you from falling ill or getting flu because your immune system will get a boost to fight against germs, infection and also prevent cold.

Cover yourself properly
Due to the wind and humid environment that comes with the rainy season, it is very important to cover up properly or wear outfits that suit the weather, to avoid getting sick. Clothing that will prevent you from getting drenched by the rain like, umbrella, raincoats, waterproof shoes should be on your list. Wear thick outfits that will keep you warm like, cardigan or sweatshirts, etc. Also, make the blanket your friend to keep you from catching a cold.


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