Top Ten Best Home Business Ideas In Nigeria Anyone Can Start Today

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Have you been seriously thinking about home business ideas in Nigeria you can start in your bedroom?

There are quite a number of businesses that can be done at home without spending a huge sum on office space and equipment, and will still fetch you millions. All that will be needed are the necessary tools for your chosen kind of business. Here are the top ten best businesses that you can start at home in Nigeria.  


Do you love cooking? Catering is one of the best businesses you can venture into. You don’t need to own a shop before starting and running a catering business. A major advantage of this business is that you can start up with any amount.

Your capital will determine whether you will run the catering business on a small scale, medium or large scale. There are sub-niches that you can focus on which includes cakes and finger foods, main course meals, or drinks. You can offer either indoor catering services, outdoor or both.

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Fashion Design

Fashion design is a very popular and lucrative business all over the world. Clothing is an essential need for humans and there is a large market for it. Whether you choose to make traditional wears, go western or combine both into something unique, you will definitely be successful in the industry.

Many people would rather learn to sew and make clothes themselves. This can be stressful but rewarding. However, you can go for an easier alternative. You can design clothes and partner with good tailors to make those designs after which you will attach your label to the clothes and market. 

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Unfortunately, Nigerian bloggers are seen as jobless people. As far as the digital world is a concern, blogging is a profitable business. A typical example is Linda Ikeji’s Blog, Bella Naija, Sisiyemmie; these are already established and popular blogs run by individuals. These full-time bloggers make a great steady income from the comfort of their homes. 

The flexibility of blogging makes it easier for you to work from home, have fun while earning your money. Although it usually takes time to get noticed, you can make profits with hard work, effort, and consistency.

You can earn money in several ways: affiliate marketing, sponsored ads, reviews, etc. There are several areas and topics you can opt for, ensuring it’s what you have passion for or interested in. 

Online Retail Business

In this modern world, the internet has become a flourishing marketplace and has created an opportunity to run a successful online retail business. Many Nigerians do not have the time to go to stores to purchase items and so they easily opt to buy online and have it delivered to their homes or offices. This makes online retail one of the most lucrative home business ideas in Nigeria.

There is no need to open the traditional brick and mortar business as it limits you to the number of people and locations you can reach, compared to selling online. 

Don’t have a website? That is not a problem as you can register your products on big eCommerce sites like or They have got traffic, inventory management, and payment processing. All you will have to do is to deliver the product that is on-demand, and then get your cash.

Social Media Consulting or Management

If you happen to have huge followership on social media then you should start using it to your advantage financially. You can become a social media consultant and help companies build their brand.

You can also choose to manage the social media accounts for individuals or companies that can pay for it. Receive payments for doing what you enjoy while working at home. Turn your social media hobby to business.


One of the easiest and profitmaking businesses to start at home on the internet is Freelancing. All you need is your skills, a laptop/computer, and an internet connection. Skills such as copywriting, writing, web design, graphics design, among others, are what you will need to acquire to get income as a freelancer.

You can sign up for freelancing sites such as, and to get freelancing jobs from companies and individuals. It is flexible as you get to select your own work hours and take in jobs that can be easily delivered. 


Another good but untapped home business ideas in Nigeria is Dropshipping. This form of marketing/advertising business is different from the typical online retail business.

Here, you don’t see the product either do you control its inventory. The products are shipped directly to the buyer by the third party (owner/seller of the products) and you get your profit. You only advertise the products on an online platform. 

Event Planning

If you are good at organizing and planning events, then this business can be suitable for you. You can run your business from your home as all that is required to be a successful event planner is the organizational skills, and you have to be outgoing and creative. People throw parties and organize events every day especially during the weekends, therefore creating a large market for event planning. 

Information Marketing

Information marketing involves the selling of information online. It is a stress-free lucrative business. You can earn cash by simply creating video tutorials or eBooks. Many people are ready to pay for any information that may be helpful to them. After producing such information, you can start receiving cash into your bank account without stress.

Rental Business

Rental business encompasses leasing or renting out plastic tables, chairs, cooking utensils and other event tools and equipment to people organizing events for an agreed or established fee.

This is one home business ideas in Nigeria that can generate passive income as long as people organize events, you will make profits. You only need an initial capital to start up after which you will start making your money. You can engage in other things while doing your rental business. 


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