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7 Reasons to see a Surulere optometrist At Least Once a Year

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Almost everybody is aware they need to see their doctors for a medical checkup. Do you know that you are also supposed to see an eye doctor or optometrist at least once a year?

Many people living in Surulere and other parts of Nigerians believe that since they don’t wear glasses their vision is good.

Having a clear sight doesn’t guarantee healthy eyes. Here are 7 reasons you should be seeing an optometrist once a year .

To Fight Blurry Vision

Make sure that your prescription glass is up to date. This will prevent those frustrating afternoon headaches from hurting your eyes. Very important if you spend your day gazing at a computer screen.

When walking or driving, make sure you’re seeing clearly. Combat blurry vision by visiting an eye clinic as there are opticians available everywhere. Options to protect your eyes from harsh rays from the computer and sun are available.

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Congenital Eye Defects and Performance in School

Children should also undergo regular eye checkups at least once a year. They may not complain about having any challenges with their sight. Children don’t know how to explain eye problems, most of the time. Consequently, this could affect their performance in school.

How will a child who cannot clearly see the chalkboard or the words in a book perform well?
It is vital parents take their kids to see an eye doctor for congenital eye defects examination.

Eye Diseases Attack Silently

Symptoms usually reveal a problem in most other parts of the body. However, that doesn’t happen with your eyes. Eye diseases like glaucoma show no signs and symptoms until you lose your vision. Getting your eyes checked by an optometrist is safety. You’ll also spend less on treatment to cure the eye disease before you lose your vision.

Eye Examinations Can Save Lives

During a thorough eye exam, the optometrist can discover other information or conditions. These conditions may involve, stroke, tumors, high cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure etc. Doctors have saved many lives during tests like this. If such is eventually detected, you will be directed back to your primary health physician.   

It Helps To Monitor Health Conditions 

Getting your eyes by an optometrist is very important in monitoring any your health. For instance, HBP can lead to a health condition known as retinal and arterial vascular tortuosity. This occurs when the veins and arteries in the back of the eye become twisted.

An extreme case of this condition can be a sign of an imminent ischemic attack. Diabetes is another condition that is often closely monitored to prevent problems that could affect your eye health and vision.

Contact Lens Wearers

Do you wear a contact lens for vision improvement or for fashion?
You should make a top priority to pay annual visits to your optometrist.  Why? People who wear contact lenses are at high risk of eye infections.

For those that overwear their contact lens or sleep in them, you can develop Corneal Neovascularization. Permanent scarring can occur on the cornea and decrease the quality of vision if it is left untreated.

Furthermore, you can visit any of the opticians around your neighborhood.  These specialists can help you keep contact lens up-to-date and ensure a better vision. 

Stay Updated with the Latest Trend

Opticians can also provide you with the latest glass wear either prescription or stylish. There are several licensed optometrist and eye clinics within, Surulere, Lagos and other parts of Nigeria. Locate a reputable one that can help you maintain healthy eyes and clear sight.


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