We’re Building Nigeria’s First Smart Jerseys To Save Lives – Adeola Adedokun, CEO Global T-shirt Factory

During the IPONTEX 2019 event that took place on the 24th to 25th of October, the CEO of Global T-shirt Factory, Adeola Adedokun delivered a speech on the topic, "Technology-enhanced fashion world". He talked about how GTF is building the next generation of smart jerseys using the latest technology, with the desire to save lives

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During my university days, there was a compulsory jogging exercise for all students and the only reason why a student can exempt him/herself is if he/she has a medical challenge that needs to be tendered to, by submission of a medical report.

One fateful day my class went out for their own turn of the jogging exercise. Every student was meant to pick up a tally to mark the end of every successful point on the track.

I had a close friend who was a twin. During the jogging exercise, the twin brother of my close friend slumped.

Students rushed to offer first aid administration to the boy but unfortunately, he didn’t survive. I felt very hurt after the incident and I wish there was something I could have done to prevent the untimely death of such a vibrant, young, and active man.

I thought that he could have avoided jogging if a medical report had been submitted and the jogging exercise wasn’t compulsory.

I had already been a businessman while at the university making branded T-shirts. Upon graduation, I continued making clothes, after which I set up the Global T-shirt Factory.

A few years later, I got the contract to supply sports apparel to a university for jogging exercise. I delivered the shirts with great branding, quality, good printing, and good packaging, according to client specifications.

Although I did a great job, I still wasn’t satisfied.

I wished my sports apparel could detect some things in the human body and save lives. We all have failed as humans to pay attention to the messages that our body system is telling us.

After that delivery, I embarked on research to infuse technology and fashion, for the purpose of saving lives. My smart jerseys idea was born.

I started this process involving some methods like DTG and putting all these things together and this has led him to believe that we can actually create Smart Jerseys.

All of these are being done in other countries especially brands like Adidas, Puma, Nike, etc. and Nigeria can also adopt that as well. I’m here to tell you that are plenty of areas that the printing industry can innovate and create incredible solutions that will impact lives, using technology. I have started my own project and almost done with it. It’s going to be a revolution.

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The system is designed to ensure possible DTG monitoring analysis interpretation so as to reduce the incidence of sudden death due to health effects. In fact, I wanted to bring a prototype to IPONTEX 2019 but unfortunately, I couldn’t. But I can assure you that it’s coming.

I was able to go far in producing smart jerseys that when wearing it together with downloading a particular app, health defects can be noticed, monitored, cleared and attacked within the best and fastest time.

Various technologies are already everywhere from our smartphones to spy glasses. It is not just enough for us to keep printing customized T-shirts even though for now there is no internet clothing but I feel our clothing could do a lot more than just wearing them.

The earlier we start, the better because this space is actually very void and people are already taking advantage of it, in other parts of the world. There are lots of scientific methods that led to the production of these jerseys but I wouldn’t want to bore us with it but just wanted to concentrate on what smart jerseys could do.

The future of printing lies in technology.


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