What Business Can I start With 10k In Nigeria As A student

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What Business Can I start With 10k In Nigeria As A student? This the question many students ask and most of the time, they get no answers. In this article, you’re going to discover an interesting way to make extra cash for yourself while in school with a capital as low as 10,000 Naira. It is called Print On Demand.

What is Print on Demand?

Print on demand is the business of providing printing services like t-shirt printing, face cap printing, etc. for clients, without having any or all the printing equipment. The job of the service provider is to look for clients e.g., people who want t-shirts for their events, community projects, or even personal use. You then look for a tshirt printer to do the job, and deliver to the client when done.

What do you need to start the business?

All you need is your soft skills. The ability to reach out to people, communicate with them, and convince them to contract their printing jobs to you. If you’re someone who is friendly and consistent, you’ll make a lot of money from this business. What Business Can I start With 10k In Nigeria As A student is a question but not an issue. The challenge many people in Nigeria with starting a business is soft skills and personality. If you know how to connect and communicate with people, you will succeed in any business. However, you also need to be consistent and trustworthy.

What about printing equipment or printing machines

The truth is printing business or t-shirt printing business is capital intensive. You will need to rent a shop, buy machines, and get trained, which can cost you between 100,000 Naira to 2 million naira to start. But with Print on demand, you don’t need to spend a kobo on machines or any capital. Just find an established printing company that have all the equipment so they will do everything for you.

How to Start Printing Business In Nigeria

Where can you find reliable printers to work with?

You will have to do some research to find a printing company near you. Have a conversation with them. Let them understand your business model and negotiate cost with them. Also, can also try out Print House, which is a reliable print on demand company based in Lagos.

How do you make profit?

Well, pricing will be your strategy. After negotiating price with the printer then you add some money on top of it which will be your profit. As a starter, don’t add too much money. Small profits over time that allows you to build your customer base is better than huge profits that will chase away your clients.

Apart from getting t-shirt clients how else can I make money

You can hire someone to make tshirt designs for you, print it, and start selling it. Once people know you as someone who sell clothes then your profile will improve. One good thing about this printing business model is that you can start it anywhere, even in your school campus, church, and around your home. People buy clothes everyday so; it all depends on your motivation.

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Is there a future in this business?

Yes. There are 200 million people in Nigeria and they all need to wear clothes. As you make profit from the print on demand business invest some on yourself. Go and learn how to make the tshirts yourself during your free time. Learn how to make tshirt design using Corel Draw, Adobe Premier, and Adobe Illustrators, or any other programs.

Start acquiring equipment one by one until you are able to establish your own tshirt printing business. You can also teach other people who are asking What Business Can I start With 10k In Nigeria As A student. You can start your own clothing line with a brand name. Many people also make plenty money selling tshirts online. The opportunities are endless.

what business can i start with 10k in nigeria as a student

Watch the videos below to learn more about printing business and the opportunities available.

make money from tshirt printing

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