Woman’s Body; Interesting Facts About Females That Will Shock You

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The physiology of the human body entails many invisible facts that even we humans are unconscious of, especially that of the females. A woman’s body needs to be given the utmost attention because there are hidden facts wrapped up in a puzzle. These are some interesting facts you need to know about the female body.

Women are less emotional than men

Science contradicts the common perspective that says women are more emotional and men are more rational. The cerebral cortex is the part of the brain associated with higher scores and a variety of cognitive and general intelligence tests. 

Studies shown from Psychologist, Steward Richie and his team of researchers revealed that the male brain has a less thick cerebral cortex than the female brain does but men have been found to have higher brain volumes which take an active part in emotions.

Women get drunk faster than men

The fact that the woman’s body has less water in its tissues than the male body contributes to their low tolerance to alcohol than the male counterpart.

University School of Medicine Triste Italy found out in their studies that apart from the lower water level, women also have a 12% lower hemoglobin level and decrease in a smaller volume of blood than the men.

Another study from researchers revealed that the difference in water levels between men and women is due to the fact that women get drunk faster because their body has a lower ability to digest alcohol before it extends to the bloodstream.

The low water level in the tissues is also associated with the tendency of women to sweat way lesser than men. It is also a reason why most ladies cannot put up with the heat so well as this can be considered a good thing.

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One of their breasts is bigger than the other  

Women have different breast sizes that are rather noticeable or practically invisible. There are reasons why women do not have exact proportionately arranged breasts.

Irrespective of the reasons, they are completely natural and normal and also beautiful despite the varieties in the size and shape. The differences could arise from the size or shape of the breast pocket, the skin’s elasticity on each breast or even the volume of breast tissues. 

Women have sensitive hearing even while sleeping

A baby screaming next to you would probably awaken. Women’s sensitivity to hearing is affiliated to the evolutionary process and this makes it a unique aspect about them.

Biologically, in a different room, a mother can always hear and quickly respond to her crying baby because women’s ears are hypersensitive to noises during sleep.

This sensitivity is highly associated with high pitch noises so it’s not necessarily all the time that women are awakened by every slight noise at night like a pin falling on the ground.

Apart from this unique hearing feature at night, confirmation from researchers at Australia’s sleep GP clinic revealed that women are also susceptible to having sleep disorders associated with sleepiness during the day that may be linked to depression, memory problems, and chronic fatigue.

Their necks are more flexible

If you pay close attention to women and men while they are being called, you will notice that women just turn their heads while men turn their whole bodies. The woman’s body possesses a much more elastic stretcher than the male body which brings about this difference. 

Studies at Loyola University Medical Centre showed that women are 1.38 times more likely than men to report neck pain due to cervical degenerative disc disease which is accompanied by a common cause for neck pain, stiffness, burning or numbness in the surrounding tissue.

Visiting your doctor immediately is required if you find this symptom familiar. This means that women should be extremely careful while turning their necks.

Women’s body keep changing into their twenties

Most women live with the perspective that the end of puberty is likely the end of major changes going through their bodies. As a female, your body will continue to change and grow into your twenties and this serves as good news especially if you have some crazy irresponsible teen years.

You may improve your lifestyle by eating healthy and keeping fit. Bananas and almonds are recommended for a healthy diet because they are rich in bone-strengthening calcium.

This is especially for the ladies because a woman’s body is prone to osteoporosis later in life which is considered a bone health issue.

Engaging in exercise helps you strengthen your muscles and keeps you mobile but it doesn’t affect the body alone. The prefrontal cortex keeps developing into your twenties due to specific changes in the brain which will enhance your decision-making ability.

Female brains are more intricately wired

Studies from Dr. Regini Varma, a professor from the University of Pennsylvania together with her team of researchers revealed that the right and left hemispheres of women’s brain are more interconnected than those of men.

They found this after using special imaging technology to study the neuropathways in the brains of 428 males and 521 females aged 8 to 22. It implied that women are faster at getting used to routines and socially connecting with people than men.

Women form a stronger attachment to people

Although women’s brains are built to be more rational from a previous study mentioned above, that doesn’t deprive them of their emotional side. Science has confirmed that the higher oxytocin level in women enables them to connect with people on a much deeper level than men.

Oxytocin plays an active role in breastfeeding and is responsible for creating a bond between mother and child. Also called the love or cuddle hormone, oxytocin, is released especially when you bond with someone socially and also tend to promote attachments, solidify relationships and eases stress.

Women are more prone to having cellulite 

Cellulite isn’t a medical term nor a sign of obesity or weight problems. It is a sign of a woman’s body getting matured. Cellulite is perceived as something that one should be ashamed of by modern societal standards of beauty. It can be found in 98% of women and only just 2% of men which makes women have a certain look.

It is evident that the body can’t cope with the wrong fat in the built-up toxins, yet statistics revealed that only one in 40 women have this accumulation of fats in their upper thighs.

Fat tissues actively participate in the production of hormones including estrogens and these hormones promote the development of female characteristics in the human body.

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