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My music is a better version of 9ice’s – Yooba Nigerian Artist

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When you listen to Yooba Nigerian artist songs you’ll think it’s 9ice. He is prepared to take the industry by storm with his superior lyrics and vocal ability. He showed up in our office with his manager a few days ago, and we had a lot to discuss. Enjoy. 


Please introduce yourself

My name is Oyetola Oriyomi Emmanuel popularly known as Yooba

What is the meaning of your name ‘Yooba’?

The name originates from the ‘Omo Yoruba’ or ‘Omo Yooba’, meaning the son of the Yoruba culture. Over time, they abbreviated the name to Yooba and that stuck.

People believe I have a way of using the Yoruba language in the lyrics of my songs. If you listened to some of the songs I recorded in the past you would realize it contains many Yoruba proverbs, which is an element of my artistic style.

What kind of music do you play?

I do afro-pop.

Some people say you sound like 9ice, is that right?

If I said I never heard that I would be lying. 9ice is an artist I respect so much and he’s had a very positive influence in my career. I love his lyrics and the way he presents it and he’s someone I draw inspiration from. However, I would say my music is a better version of 9ice’s music.

How long have you been into music professionally?

I recorded my very first music in 2008.

What inspires you to create music

My music is a reflection of my environment. I derive plenty of inspiration from my surrounding since I live and grew up in the ghetto. There’s a lot happening over there that will get you thinking.


Yooba Nigerian Artist

Do you play any instruments?

Yes, I play drums.

What popular artists have you performed with?

I’ve performed on stage with many top artists including 9ice, Phyno at the Nairabet fanfest. I’ve shared the same stage with Skales and Olamide in the University of Lagos.

If I may ask you, what is unique about your song? Why do you think people should listen to Yooba Nigerian Artist? What makes you different from other artists?

What makes Yooba different from other artists is that I want to use my music to inspire young people. I don’t believe I need to live a reckless life to be noticed and appreciated. I want to be a source of inspirations to millions of young Nigerians through my music.

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What do you think are the two biggest challenges in the music industry and the solutions?

From my perspective, I think one of the biggest challenges in the Nigerian music industry is personal growth. There is a need to nurture and grow your talent as you walk your way to the top of your music career.
Unfortunately, many Nigerian artists don’t know this or are not interested in it.

The second issue is money. Nigerian musical artists have to use their personal money to fund their music, which is quite a challenge since many people don’t come from rich families. Davido could afford to pay Naeto C like 1.5 million Naira to feature in his song when he was coming up, but someone like me can’t afford that kind of money.

What are your future plans?

In the next few years, I see myself among the top artists in the industry, like Davido and Wizkid. I see myself being the top star that I am meant to be. I’m not only going to be Yooba Nigerian Artist but will make my country proud in the world stage.

In your perspective, who is the better artists, Davido or Wizkid

You’re just putting me on the spot now. Anyway, I respect the two artists individually because they produce good music. However, I think Davido is a more complete artist than Wizkid.

When you listen to Davido’s music you will notice and appreciate the harmony, backup, and so many other cool stuff. Wizkid has a good vocal texture that compensates for all. Davido doesn’t have the voice texture but he does a lot of work underground, for his music, and that is why I prefer him.


Contact Yooba Nigerian Artist via social media

IG: @yoobarocks

Facebook Page: Oriyomi Omoyooba Oyetola

Fan base. Iam_yooba


Yooba Nigerian Artist


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